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Can you please give me some advice on planting a new rhododendron.  I live in Folkestone & share a communal garden.  I may have to plant it in a clay pot, but possibly in the ground if this is preferable for the plant.  I need to know what conditions it likes, soil & feeding etc. & whether in an open space or diess it prefer to be near a fence or perhaos a brick wall? ( South,North,East or West? Which is best? )

my daughter in Guildford has 2 in clay pots, she planted 5 years ago & they are fabulous!   They are a metre tall, & at least a metre wide. They are in glorious bloom right now.   She spoke of special soil she had to buy to plant them in? 

and dies it need attention during winter months ? 

All information would be very greatly appreciated...thankyou.....



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  • TadsTads Posts: 210

    hello Verdun image thanks for info.

    i picked up a rhodie simply called "Red Jack" - I don't know any more about it than that i'm afraid!   But it seems a full size variety to me!  As you tell me they are pretty hardy, & my daughter's (in pots) have done sooooo well, I think I am going to try mine in a clay pot for now.    Can I simply plant the rhodie in ericaceous compost or must this be mixed with acid soil? (if my soil isn't acid, can you buy such a thing as 'acid soil'?)

    I have read-up about their "ball" root system & need to be kept well watered. Is that more or less it?  how often do you feed your rhodies , & any particular food you think is best? 

    As you mention that you also grow azalea - may I ask you something else?  i was given a standard azalea houseplant for Mothers Day.  It has bloomed profusely for 5 weeks, & given me a great deal of pleasure, it's been really glorious!  I should like to try not to lose it if that's possible?   Can I try to get this to grow outside, do you think?  Will that work or not?  I have heard I will have to 'stagger, (take my time) trying to move it to new surroundings?  first moving it to a very sheltered position outside, for perhaps a few weeks, before attempting to transplant it.  Is this so?  Again I should like to plant it in a clay pot outside;  from what you say, the soil would be the same for both azalea & rhododendron, is that right?  Is there any advice you can please spare on the subject? 

    I keep a "gratitude book"  so the advice you have already given me, is my entry for tonight image .....thankyou for this...  Nite! 









    plantfor Moghers Day, it has bloomed for 5 weeks

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