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"Grass Fashion"

How about starting a new trend of "Grass Fashion", which is mowing only half of your lawn and leaving the rest to grow - it should be left in a eye catching design - people can be incredibly creative - think topiary but using your lawn. What a fashion statement, but also good for wildlife.


  • Eddie JEddie J Posts: 108

    I keep thinking the same thing about lawn fertiliser. You could write and design all kinds of things using a granular fertiliser,  allowing the grass would to grow greener and quicker in that area. It may not be much help at ground level, but it could look quite effective from above.

  • Karen GreenKaren Green Posts: 11

    Sounds great, but I was thinking more along the lines of allowing the grass to grow naturally, that way there will be more of a meadow effect and it would be bettter for wildlife. At ground level it looks great because it becomes more alive with butterflies and other insects.

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