Victorian Teak Glasshouse

We are restoring an old Victorian Teak Glasshouse.  We have removed all the paint from the wood and are about to reconstruct it.  As it is teak do we paint it with teak oil before replacing the glass, and when we replace the glass, do we use putty which won't obviously be painted.  If we use putty, can or do we varnish it - any suggestions gratefully received!


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 850

    Definitely use the teak oil before you start glazing. Whether you can varnish the putty will depend on the type, there should be instructions on the container to guide you.

  • I agree with steephill,use teak oil first, i renovated an old victorian greenhouse use white plastic angle strip from diy stores and secure them with stainless staples putty will crack no matter what you treat it with and steel brads will rust in a couple of years, the white strip looks just like putty and lasts longer.
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