Steep slope planting plans - any photos?

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Hi, i have a steep slope about 5 meters top to bottom and 10 meters long.  Its the steep bit left over from terracing if that makes sense, i have flat bits above it and below it.  its south facing, quite dry. 

The soil was put there by the digger man. Its quite soft, not compacted. It has been there a year and not moved much with the rain.  

it was seeded last autumn with a green manure, but is quite weedy now too!

I would like ideas for a small number of plants to buy in quantities that work well together.  I suppose i am thinking good ground cover spreaders, but would love to see some pics if anyone has anything similar.  I am fine to plant it up, but do not want to be maintaining it often.  Hopeful for ideas! 




  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 12,119


    Hypericum calycinum makes a good ground cover for banks.


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    Those sprang to mind here too, Lizzie, perhaps alternated with one of the vincas.image



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    I would think about alpines - usually a section in the garden centre. Plants are small but usually lovely and very hardy. They like free draining soil and exposed conditions. Cistus would grow well too and can be bigger. Bulbs in the spring would also be lovely and provide interest early in the year. Small trees like maples can do well.

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    Oo i am very much liking the look of the hypericum.  Does anyone know the best way to start ie is it reliable from seed? 

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    They sell trays of it in my local garden centre, not very expensive, especially for that sort of thing. But I live in France.

  • a1154a1154 Posts: 578

    Anybody done hypericum calycinum from seed pls?

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