First time strawberry grower!

So I bought some of these:

I've planted some in big pots and some in concrete block pots - They have had flowers in them before we moved here, but they died around year ago. 

I planted them so that the crown isn't covered and they look like I've done it correctly... 

So I want to know if there is any tips you can give me/advice for growing and maintaining the plants? Thank you for reading!


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,776

    Strawberries are usually fairly easy in my experience. Good free draining soil/compost but as they're in pots,  watch they don't go short of water as some varieties can get a bit of mildew. Birds often like to pinch the fruits so you may need to protect them with netting later on. I give mine a good feed in spring and then pretty much leave them to it, but in pots you may want to give them a little extra food now and again - something like tomato fertiliser - just to give them a bit of help. You can take the runners off them later in the year to make new plants - it's quite easy to do.

    In the meantime - enjoy growing them - and eating them! image

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