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Hi all ,,how about this for gardening then? i was recently  informed at the allotment we started a few months ago that last year they lost 3 sheds in the winter wind all blown down and destroyed,so as we are in the open we had better tie the shed down!!! have you ever heard  of such a thing? So  i have spent the whole morning cutting a scaffold pole in half(not easy) and with a great big sledge hammer hammered them 3 feet into the ground  at the front of the new shed, secured the new thick mooring rope to them  passed the   mooring rope over the shed on timber so as not to damage the felt and tied to the pallets under the water butts now  full and very heavy, hopefully if all this works i  will still have a shed next year,and i thought gardening was supposed to be a nice easy going pastime image



  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Alan sheds are very flimsy, I have built my own much more solid and when daughter got a new shed I bought assorted brackets from B&Q then reinforced all the roof fixings, it is usually the roof that goes first in a wind.
    The ground anchors went in the floor which is usually on a frame, I took a board off drilled the frame and drove ground anchors through into the ground, they can be bought from camping suppliers and are a very heavy tent peg. We used them on plates in the army, fasten winch pulleys to them and hauled tanks out of ditches so they would hold a shed..
    No one said gardening is easy and you should be looking at some kind of shrub wind breaker from the prevailing wind otherwise your crops will suffer.


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    hi Frank  you ar e100%  correct, all the people who lost their sheds lost the roofs first then they just collapsed ,hense the rope over the roof to scaff poles,and water butts,,iv got 30 new  Hydranger cuttings hopefully  they will form a wind break later on, the trouble we have is up till 3 years ago the allotments were just an open field,very open and on a slope,we all had to import top soil and lots of manure but theve had some famouse veg and flowers so fars so were doing ok, hopefully in about another 3 years we,ll be settled in much better, thanks for the infoimage Now where did i leave dem dare tank plates  image By all


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