What are these two plants

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The first one I thought was a honeysuckle but after a trip to the garden centre I am not 100% sure,


The second one I think is some kind of wild allium but it doesn't smell of gralic when you touch it. The stem is round and not triangular (I pass on my way to work something similar to this but it is white with a triangular stem.)




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    Photo one Photo two

    Thought this might be easier to use than the links above. Can you edit posts?

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    You should be able to edit your post just after you submit it.  You should see 'quote' and 'edit' buttons at bottom right.  I think your first one looks like honeysuckle - what did you see at the GC that changed your mind?

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    The leaves on the ones at the garden centre was much bigger and less sound, but that might be breeding mine is a self-seeded plant from home.
  • I have no idea if this helps you if your plant isn't a wildflower, but I found this great site the other day when looking for the name of toadflax...http://wildflowerfinder.org.uk/

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    Lord that site is massive. Tried to use it on my phone. Not a good idea. Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look tonight.

  • I know - it's very extensive! Very good too image

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    Could the second one be a allium cowanii but pink?

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    I still don't understand how to search on it.

  • I think you just select the aspects/features of the plant you know - ie: shape of leaf/flower/where it lives etc and it can be very detailed or not, depending on how much info you already have...I only used it once to find the name for Toadflax and it was pretty accurate.

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    1. Definitely looks like a honeysuckle I found a bit that had rooted in my gutter, and that looked pretty weedy for a year or so. 2. Looks much like allium roseum, but I'm a bit doubtful as you say it doesn't smell oniony/garlicky.
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