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Most everything is now growing fast and looking better every day....as with everyone else.....but I  am going to have a big  "spoil" this summer.   A Carpentaria Californica is looking decidedly sparse of foliage.  Growing against a wall it has been a lovely sight in June and July but the winter wet has affected it. Hardly a leaf but I cut branches back fairly hard and new growth has started.   But it looks "woody" image

However, I have now decided it has to go.  I want something quick for,this summer and considered a red leaved canna, (I have a few in large pots growing away), a buddleia Davidii and climbers.  I have a pittosporum Garnettii 6' tall to one side and a 10' tall conically shaped on the other side......not the most imaginative planting I have but it creates a cosy background.  I have clematis ville de Lyon backing the pittosporum.

Any other options out there?  Quick, colourful and compatible?  image


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    What about a  Perovskia atriplicifolia Blue Spire?  It would look great next to the pittosporum and also look great in front of a wall image

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  • Would a Ligularia grow there Verd - or is it not moist enough?

    The canna would be very smart I think.

    A Phormium for foliage contrast?

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