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bryfbryf Posts: 16

Hi, planted a beautiful fully flowering aubretia a few weeks ago and was looking lovely until a few days ago when I noticed  that the colour had all but dissappeared, upon checking it seems that something has eaten the flowers, what could this be?


  • If the aubretia has finished flowering, you want to cut it as low as possible, only the flowers, for good show next year.  It might take a season to really settle in well.

    Check for slugs under the leaves.

  • bryfbryf Posts: 16

    Thanks, checked under plant as you suggested and found a few slugs, would it be these that have eaten the flowers? Dont think it has finished flowering as there are still flowers on it but they have been eaten down to the base of the petals, there are also new flower buds on it

  • slug pellets to the fore!  Don't worry, it will recover, and if you are devoted, go out at night and collect slugs, or use beer traps

  • I also use nematodes which kill the slugs beneath the ground - work a treat and eco friendly. Plus garlic spray for the snails above - double eco warfare image

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