Laurels are not growing very well

I have recently planted some laurels and they not appear to be growing very well.    I have been feeding them with Richard Jackson's flower power and it doesn't appear to be working.    I read on a forum that Epsom salts help and have been feeding the laurels with this for two weeks, 1 feed every 7 days.    There is a tree next door and they also have a pond so I'm assuming they are causing the problem.   I really need these laurels to grow as my garden has no privacy! Please help.


  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,478

    As they are new plants they are probably settling in.  Once their roots get going then they will start growing happily.  Don't panic tchlleaf and be patient.  The pond won't be a problem.  Laurels are pretty tough and you say you are feeding them and hopefully giving them a good regular drink too.  They will grow.image     

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    How long ago did you plant them?   They'll spend the first season developing their roots - then the top growth will begin to get away.  

    The fertiliser you've been using is for flowering and fruiting plants.  What your hedge needs is a slow acting balanced fertiliser - I suggest that you give a sprinkling of Fish, Blood & Bone now according to the directions on the pack and another in August.  It will need no other feed.  

    Don't water too much but make sure that the roots don't dry out in hot dry spells and clear any weed growth from the base.

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