My cherry tree has red lumps on them

Hi all i have some red lumps on my cherry tree and would like to know what they are and if they are harming my tree ? plus my tree is covered in ants what can i use on the tree to get rid off them as they are eating the leaves big time ? please please help and thank you all in advance


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    Mmmmm Sounds like the problem we have at the end of our garden. As per another answer, my husband bought an Apricot tree offline. This red resin appeared on that "gooed/dripped red honey" everywhere, and then eventually died. I really hoped it hadn't affected our 5 year old, fully nutting almond tree, but 2 years down the line, it looks as though that will have to go as well, as it is going the same way. Like you I couldn't find out what it was. BUT I now think it may be a form of canker. Advise reads "cut it out, paint on an anti canker paint, and put something around the lower` trunk every winter2, but can't remember what. Sorry. Me I am just going to cut down, clear bark from under the tree, and totally redo the whole area for safety. So many trees,so little garden and time to grow them in!

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    Ants don't eat leaves, but they do 'milk' the sweet excretion that most aphids exude.

    I suspect you have some form of aphid infestation, so spray it with an insecticide designed for use on fruit trees.  Alternatively, use soapy water if you want to be organic.  That 'drowns' the aphids, but you'll almost certainly have to do it several times over a few weeks to see a significant effect.

    If you can post a photo of the problem lumps, it would be a lot easier to diagnose what they may be.

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  • Thank you all very much will upload photo real soon

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    Hello.  Speaking of cherry trees, ours was pretty much stripped of its leaves, like yours, just before the hot weather.  We do have a few ants running up and down but we could not see any caterpillars or anything else.  What would cause this?


  • Hi All with Ant problem. I mixed up one spoon of icing sugar and one spoon of polenta put it one an jam jar lid the ants have gone mad for it. Im told the worker ants take it back to the queen and when she eats it it swells in her she gose pop. The worker ants have no queen to feed and either leave or die. hope this helps.

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