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Bought a couple of these which were only labelled 'outside fern'.  Have temporarily potted them in large tubs (in full sun - oops! - but we don't get that much sun) but wondering what they are and where they really should be sited.  Sorry pic a bit dark and dull.



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    It looks to me like one of the Dryopteris ferns, but which one .......... image there are loads of them and they're pretty promiscuous anyway. 

    We've got several different Dryopteris on our Shady Bank and in the LIttle Wilderness under the ash trees and they're pretty happy there - they cope well with dry shade, but because our big trees dry the soil out so much I give them the occasional bucket of water in dry summer spells but otherwise they look after themselves. 

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    Thanks for the reply Dove.  I think I really ought to re-site them into the shade.  I'm having a scatter-brained garden experience this Spring.  Lack of energy so far.


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