daffodil bulbs,can i plant now?

im moving house this week and daffodil bulbs my late father planted in my garden i dug up to take to my new house,is it ok to plant out now in new garden or could they die,they mean alot to me.also how do i plant them properly,thanks


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Plant them as soon as you can, with twice the bulb's height of soil above them, and the leaves on the surface. Water them in well, and give them some liquid tomato food at the same time. Let the leaves die down naturally - don't cut or tie them - and remove them when they've gone brown, making sure that you fill the small hole left when you remove the leaf (leaving a hole will allow narcissus fly to get in and kill the bulb).

    They should come up for you next year - mark their spot so you don't dig them up by accident.

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