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Hi all,

Just a up date on my garden and how my plants are doing,

Most plants seemed to be finding they roots after <span>their big move, the weather had not been to bad ...<span>until last weekend we had heavy rain with very strong winds image

As we live on top of a cliff the sea salt hit the new shoots hard and sad to say my plants are now looking sad.

But fingers crossed some will make it

I have been watching gardens world and <span><span>Beechgrove garden

I have decided to buy larger plants to give them a helping hand and trying some seeds to try help with the cost of things,

I have borrowed some books on coastal gardening but most are sand based soil and i have wet peat!!!

does anyone know if "Gardens World" have done a <span>programme about gardening in Shetland if not maybe they would like to i have a garden they could use LOL

okay off to pot up some seeds

thank you for reading and i will keep you posted



  • Yikes Hezzie,

    Moving to Shetland - you haven't got your troubles to seek have you - salt; peat; wind & latitude!  image

    Having visited both Orkney & Shetland several times (as you'll know, both sets of islands are very different from each other) we really liked both places & the people there are just lovely, but my husband & I agreed that we could never live there; we couldn't stand the constant wind. 

    I'm sure you know what they say happens to Shetlanders when they go on holiday- as soon as they get off the plane they fall over - they forget that they don't have to lean into the wind!

    I'm finding that quite a lot of my plants seem to get wind burn, but we're in the Moray Firth area, positively balmy in comparison.  I suppose you do have 1 consolation - you can garden nearly 24 hours a day just now as it's so light!  At least your plants will have a few months to settle in now before the arrival of the winter storms...........image

    I think that a Gardener's World from Shetland is an excellent idea; it's so very different from gardening in the vast majority of the UK. I have noticed that this year there are a number of gardens opening there under the yellow book scheme - you could go along & pick some brains there!

    Cheers & good luck


  • HezzieHezzie Posts: 6

    Hi Jean,

     thanks for your message

    Yes i do love it up here dream place was Cornwall!!!! ( maybe i need a new we moved up here for his new job.

    Just thought i would let you know i live in Noss (by Spiggie Loch) in the South of Shetland so its kind of greener,

    If you ever come back just let me know and if you need somewhere for a coffee break your very welcome..( i'm now going to get people knocking on my door asking for a coffee) lol

    Well i found a great seed selling site online as with no days out shopping up here my pocket money was spent on seeds  image 

    The weather has been lovely over the weekend and its said to be a good week so i was out at 6.30am this morning cutting the lawn and i have just come in for a coffee break after potting..( a great gardeners word " potting" more like getting a break from the kids or husband lol )

    I think it would be a great idea if gardeners world used my garden as a new garden show  i think i would like to sit and watch as they did the work..hehe

    anyway off to walk the dogs down on the beach,

    hope your enjoying the weather


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