tumbling toms

I live in Shropshire and the overnight temp tonight is going to be 7 degrees...is that too cold to leave my tumbling toms out?


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    Well, as long as it's 7 degrees and doesn't get any colder it won't actually hurt the plants, but nor will it do them a lot of good except in terms of the hardening-off process. Tom plants do a surprising amount of growing overnight but they need around double-figure temps to do so. Otherwise they just sit and wait for it to get warmer.

  • Hi - I'm in West Mids and my tumbling toms are doing very well by having their initiation in the greenhouse! They have been there for 3 weeks now, and are growing as expected in the hanging basket in which I put them as small potted plants - I'm not yet convinced that the time is right to hang them outside, just in case of any cold snaps.  I'll give it until the end of May (Ne'er cast a clout 'til May is out...) to make sure that they'll be ok - the growth inside is wonderful! Hope this helps. 

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