How To Care For A Baby Cactus!


I have managed to grow a cactus seedling and now I am not sure how to look after it. Im not sure what to do next and how often I should water it - Just basic advice on how to care for it would be great!

I hope someone can help!

Thanks image .


  • I had a cactus plant it was doing fine until I watered it using tap water.. that killed it. Nest time I will just put it out in the rain. image

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    My cacti are over 20 years old and have always been watered with tap water - I don't think that was your problem, Brian.

    Baby cactus - make sure it's in very free-draining soil (water should run through almost instantly) in as light a position as you have. At the moment, make sure it's not too cold - 15C or so will be fine. With regard to watering, give it about a tablespoon of water every few days on top of the compost near it - try not to get the base of the cactus wet unless it's warm enough to dry quickly.

    They are actually quite easy to care for in summer, but you've picked a more difficult time to get it started. Good luck!

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    You can actually get small bags of cactii compost, quite gritty, if that's easier for you to use.

    Depending on the type of cactus I agree with Alina on position, but some cactii I dont actually water at all between Oct & March- still keeping them on the windowsill in my unheated NW facing porch.

    However the 'Christmas/'Easter' types are woodland plants, so they do get mininum water over the winter & food, when I remember (!). All of mine are about to flower now. They are also in the porch & go outside, in a shadey spot, for the summer months.

    Any idea of type/variety of yours? J.

  • keep them from draughts and cold window sills,do not put between curtains and window when weather very cold.water only when very dry,more in summer and less in winter.john innes compost and feed in spring and summer.a tray of grit or saucer to stand on and to water from.image

  • image

    Well I always use these because they are just about the right amount. Just spray once a day

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    Thank you for responding Sarah. But this enquiry was originally posted in 2012; I'm not even sure they will get your message.

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