Growing meconopsis

Outdoor girlOutdoor girl Posts: 286

My brother has germinated some meconopsis seeds and they now need to go in bigger pots. Can he use soil from the garden, which is acidic, or must they be grown in ericaceous compost?

Can they be put outside now, especially as the weather is warming up and they need cooler conditions.   I do hope someone can advise!


  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Wow!  Hats off to your brother - that's a bit of a holy grail, raising mecanopsis.  Sorry am not much use as never got any further than raising seedlings that dampened off!  I would definitely have thought they should be outside by now though.  One thing I saw on how to grow them years ago seemed to be promoting raising them in nothing warmer than cold frames - I think with a fair bit of grit, to mimic Himalayan soils if I remember rightly.  Don't know about compost.

  • gab82gab82 Posts: 73
    hello I have grown from seed last year. only had three survive! think it's easier collecting fresh seed though ( I HOPE) I'm on chalk and mine are doing fine and going to flower soon.... they are in a moist shady spot.I never had mine inside...they germinate nicely in colder weather.
  • Outdoor girlOutdoor girl Posts: 286

    I am quite jealous of his success! So far about 20 have grown into small plants. I suspect they are headed for the cool bed behind the garage!

  • My mecanopsis only had two flowers this year and appears to have formed into something of a "clump".  Can I divide the "clump"?  If I can, what is the best way to do it so I don't lose it altogether?

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