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Fire on the Mountain and Rhodedendron

pjbpjb Posts: 8

This shrub has developed Black sooty coverings on its leaves for the first time since I moved in 7 years ago... as has a Rhododendron.... which has never really flowered even though I feed it the right stuff... any clues????????????


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    It sounds like sooty mould, see the link to the RHS below.

  • pjbpjb Posts: 8

    Thanks for that nice to know there is help "out there"........ but oh Flump!! seems like I need to bathe the plant in warm water,,, IT HAS LOADS OF LEAVES TO WASH !!!!!!!!!.... any further thought about the poorly  sick... not flowering.... but well established and fed on  ericaceous food...rhododendron.... as is the heather .... magnolia and hortensia who are going great guns!!!!!!!!!!???????????


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