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MichukMichuk Posts: 32

I have a few polyanthus growing in a patch in my boarder. 


The leaves underneath have turned brown and the flowers are all gone? Do they flower again? Is there anything I need to do? What can I plant next to them to have a nice show all year round.




  • MichukMichuk Posts: 32

    its a sunny spot.

  • Hi, polyanthus come from primroses which are a woodland plant, so they flower well in dapple and partial shade. What I do this time of the year is dig mine up, trim off all the dead flowers and yellow/brown leaves and put them in pots. I take them to the North facing side of the garden and leave them they all summer. Keep them moist and put slug pellets around them. They will come back again in flower next late winter early spring. Well they do for me. Still do this for the ones still flowering but put them in a rain shadow. I have some under the honeysuckle at the moment. I find if they get to wet the flowers and leaves go mushy. Hope this helps

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