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Target Greenhouse temperatures and plant positioning

I was hoping to get my freshly painted second hand greenhouse up tomorrow but with gales forecast that obviously isn't going to happen. I have been given (or bought cheap) tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers and chili peppers to grow.

I've bought some automatic vents but can anyone advise what min and max temperatures I should be aiming for? Also does position inside the greenhouse really matter (I know cucumbers prefer more humidity supposedly, but can you actually affect this in a greenhouse?)


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,490

    Hi, i have my auto vents adjusted to open as soon as it gets around 18C, i like to have good airflow to reduce the chance of disease. i grow tomatoes & cucumbers last year but the tomatoes did a lot better than the cucumbers/melons. 

    Its up to you if you want to cater more towards the tomatoes or the cucumbers. you can make the GH more humid by wetting the floor.

    Position for roof vents depend on you,  i think one on either side of the roof would provide better airflow. Is your GH sheltered from the winds?  the wind can snatch it and rip it off. i had that problem today, it was warm enough in the GH so the vents started to open yet it was really windy outside. 

  • Excitable BoyExcitable Boy Posts: 165

    Thanks Perki. The garden is walled and the greenhouse will be about 10 feet from the western wall but will get full sun until around 4pm (I'm putting the staging side on the wall side), It has four vents at ground level which won't be controlled and two on the roof. I'll have to experiment to get the airflow right - unfortunately it seems that the low level vents are either fully open or fully closed.

    I'm hoping that it'll be ok from the winds - it's in a much more sheltered position than where I collected it from but as you say it's the blustery days which can do damage - two 4m polycarb sheets from our patio awning were blown off and over our 3-storey house last winter!

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