robinia firisia

Hello is anyone else having the same problem as me this year with Robinia Frisia our tree is about 6 years old and up until last year was beautiful.  However last year we had a few branches which had to be cut back and the foliage was not as good as in previous years so we did have the tree cut back at the top as it was getting too large. The leaves are only just starting to come out but near the top and on the main trunk there are a few sprouting out. However quite a lot of the lower branches seem to have nothing on them is anyone else having this problem this year we live in the north west of england thanks 


  • barnettbarnett Posts: 1

    Hello tosh2. I also live in the North West and am having trouble with die-back on two small flowering cherry trees.  The blossom on both was fabulous.  As soon as the leaves started to come forth they shrivelled up and died off.  The symptoms seem to be exactly as yours.  I have wondered about all sorts of possibilities but come to no conclusion.  Maybe someone else could help with our problem.  It is most frustrating.

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