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electric start petrol mowers

my mum has an on-going  shoulder injury which has made pulling the cord on her perol rotary mower quite difficult and painful so she now wishes to possibly buy a push button start petrol mower as she is very independent and doesnt want to wait for someone to help her cut the lawn!  Any advice on best quality/best price too?!  her lawn isnt massive but is uphill and uneven in places so she wants  the mower to be a self-propelled type as well.  thanks


  • Hi Bob - I have a Hayter electric start rotary mower (key operated) and it's supposed to be semi-self propelled  - whatever that means - but I wouldn't recommend it for a sloping lawn.  I've enough problems getting it deal with uneven - though relatively level - ground.  I wish I'd tried it out for myself before deciding to get it.  I only had a demo by the salesman, which I now realise was a mistake.  The problems I find are firstly that the charger unit is very difficult to plug in and also to unplug, and secondly the grassbox is awkward to empty - something I only discovered for myself having used it.

    So, I'd suggest that you get your mum to actually try a mower herself, in spite of what a salesman might say about its performance and ease of use.  Good luck!

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