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Talkback: Final preparations for Chelsea

Good Luck & Sweet dreams. (Your gigantic balls may leave me a little restless though!)


  • dawndawn Posts: 1
    good luck Andy keep going you are doing a great job,the garden is looking great
  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Best of luck!image

  • Be calm my friend and the plants will love you and bloom exactly how you imagined.
  • I am sure 'it'll be alright on the night' as they say. good luck and sleep well.
  • ChalkweedChalkweed Posts: 9
    Just keep going - you're nearly there!
  • kaycurtiskaycurtis Posts: 111
    Dear Andy, I am sure all will go well on the day, if not I have loads of weeds you can have, make a lovely English garden. good luck, smile
  • kaycurtiskaycurtis Posts: 111

    bye the way, the photo is of me when I was a tiny tot down in Somerset, eat your heart out Pudsey!!!! image 

  • Good luck Andy looking forward to seeing your garden on Wednesday.

  • gardeningfanticgardeningfantic Posts: 1,019
    good luck.. it will be gorgeous.
  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244

    Well done Andy Gold Medal for all your hard work,oldchippy.

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