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dahlia advise

Rich BRich B Posts: 128

Hi. My dahlias in my front north facing garden are starting to pop their heads up so I'm very happy about that however the many that grew in the south facing rear garden don't seem to be. I have a few other miniature s in pots and some around my pond. Nothing there either. I know I'm lucky as they usually will not survive but last winter was very mild where I live in SE kent. I had no frost... I need to know whether they Will grow or if I need to get more tubers in asap. Also Will the ones in the front be more prolific on their second year? Any advice is Good advice R


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391

    If you can gently move the soil from around the old cut-off stems, you should see new shoots starting from very close to them - dahlias only shoot from there and never from the tubers themselves.  If no shoots yet, dig one up and check if the tubers are still hard or have rotted or been eaten by slugs.  Winter wet does more harm than anything to them, so if soil around the ones that aren't yet showing is soggier than those that are now appearing, you probably have your answer.

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  • BiljeBilje Posts: 727

    difficult to say if they will be more prolific I no longer leave dahlias in the ground as slugs eat the shots before they even break the surface so some shoots may never grow. As for checking I'd not be able to resist digging one up to see what state it was in. If you plant new tubers now they should grow well but perhaps flower a little later.

  • Rich BRich B Posts: 128

    The chemical warfare has already began on the front garden and is holding off the enemy.

    i haven't put any pellets down in the rear garden locations, i think i will tonight.

    If there's nothing by the weekend i think ill have a gentle dig about to see.....Am i to late to plant new tubers if there's nothing under the surface??

  • BiljeBilje Posts: 727

    I pot up most of my tubers but some of them were too big for the pots I had. They have remained stored away until this week when I planted them out. As long as they are kept watered I've every confidence they'll grow. I have noticed some shops which have a gardening dept are selling tubers cheaply, I've seen them recently in Wilkinsons. If bought tubers look a little dry give them a soak in tepid water overnight. 

  • Rich BRich B Posts: 128


    Ive been scratching and scraping around the  Dahlia areas and all but 1 of the 15 plants in the ground seem to have new shoots. HUZZZZAR...

    1 seems to have completely vanished. Shame as it was a lovely large red and white...oh well...

    The ones in pot i got as miniature plants also seem to have gone too, but im not to bothered.

    The Eraza seems to be giving me the edge on the slug vs flower 3rd world war.

    Im quite happy about the situation.




  • BiljeBilje Posts: 727

    Glad to here of your good news and your use of the traditional HUZZAR . Maybe not the best of advice but merely a human reaction so when I've had a missing dahlia I dig it up. Quite often it's a slimy mess but others it's a struggling plant which responds to a degree of TLC by being potted up. Love this gardening malarkey. Jean 

  • Rich BRich B Posts: 128


    The big ones at the front are now a few inches tall...



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