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Talkback: Petunia, verbena and nemesia display

wow !


  • stunning ! Will have a go myself ....
  • When making hanging baskets, I have found it easier to fill them if they are suspended from a corner of my rotary clothes drier! You can then put a plant at the very bottom of the basket. Also if you quarter the pages of a magazine and wrap them carefully around the top of the plants you can then push them through the holes instead of the way shown above - it is much easier, and the holes do not need to be so big to accommodate the base of the plants. Love my baskets, but the weather in Scotland at the moment is making it very difficult to plant anything at all.
  • TazmanAlunTazmanAlun Posts: 22
    Hi why not use Easy-Fill Hanging-Basket's.Instead off having to cut holes in liners,Easy-Fill use a gate system, which makes it easier to work with,and no damage to the rot system.And They look realy good.

    Good Luck And Happy Gardening.

    Tazmanalun. :-)
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