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Is it too late...

Foodie40Foodie40 Posts: 53

I still want to move several plants around in my garden, including polyanthus, a fern and a Japanese anemone. Although it's raining today, is it generally too far into the spring to be doing jobs like this? Will they survive if I water them well if the weather turns dry or is it better to wait till autumn?


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Foodie40, Rain, the best time to move them, we are sitting in bright sunshine in the Northeast. Most plants can be moved at any time if you prepare. Decide where it is going and prepare the new position first. Then dig as big a root ball as you can manage lift the plant clean it up, loose leaves or debris then replant and yes even in the rain put a half can of water on it to settle the roots. Polyanthus need sun, the fern partial sun  and I grow the Japanese anemone in the worst bit of ground I have stony dry and part paved so it cannot creep but it does, the slightest bit of root left in the ground will grow again.

    Good luck, Frank.

  • Foodie40Foodie40 Posts: 53

    I think the rain will be coming your way later Palaisglide! Down here in Dorset it's pouringimage just hope it won't wash my little seedlings away - enough of the rain!!!

  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    as long as you water well for awhile they should be o.k  although its raining buckets here in the west.The wind is your worst enemy when transplanting or moving plants.image

  • Foodie40Foodie40 Posts: 53

    Hi Rose thanks for the tips. Our garden is quite sheltered by a back wall so shall move the polys at the weekend. Not sure what to do with the anemone, it's hasn't grown much where it is and has never flowered - very shady spot and poor soil, I don't want it to spread too much but would like it to do a bit more, needs more thought....

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