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tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

hello, i have a long straight fence line in my garden that i would love to cover quite cheaply, i was thinking of a few bushes along the length but not sure which are fast growing or bushy enough, any advice would be a big help, the length of run is 25 meters.


  • Hello tommysmith,

    It may not be to your taste, but Photinia x fraseri is known for fast growth. I've also found dogwoods such as Cornus sanguinea, to grow very quickly. They are supposed to prefer moist soil, but even in my dry, free-draining garden they put on plenty of growth.


  • tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

    The second sound perfect as the top of my garden is raised a bit and does get quite dry, i will do my homework on these two right now, thanks for that.

     for someone like me (new to gardening) getting a couple of names to look at is a big help. Thanks

  • tommysmithtommysmith Posts: 25

    Know i said i like the idea of the second one but have just looked both of them up, and the red robin wins, it looks fantastic.

  • Katie BlueKatie Blue Posts: 13

    what about buddleia?you can grow it from seed and it can grow up to 1m high in its first year. Its great for attracting bees and other pollinating insects to the garden. You can also grow it from cuttings and as it can pop up on derilict sights as a weed it shouldn't be hard to get hold of some. Not for everyone I guess,as it can seed everywhere, but I am trying to add a naturalised hedge along an exposed fence to act as a windbreak and I am going to try and grow some to mis in with the other planting. I love the idea of using dogwood too - the stems can look great in the winter when theres not much colour in the garden.

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