Advice for my strawberries please

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   A couple of questions, I've just seen how far on peoples strawberries are on this forum, mine have got a lot of flowers on but no fruit yet, I do have quite a lot of strawberries mainly Cambridge Favourite, should I put a cloche over them to speed things up? I've got a couple of cloches that i've never used. The plants are different ages and are all at different stages, some arn't in flower yet. I have put some blood, fish and bone down and will give them some high potash feed occasionally. I need to get rid of some of them as they have increased far too much, I have thinned some out but not all of them as I don't have anywhere else to put them, I have put some in a small raised bed, they are taking over but didn't want to throw them away. Thanks. I live in North of England near Preston


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    If your strawberries have flowers, and those flowers haven't been frosted (got black centres) then I think you are doing fine. Wimbledon tennis is strawberry time, mid June. I think you need to move south if you want to speed things up! You could do an experiment with the cloches. Try them on some of your plants. But remember to take them off during the day or the bees won't be able to pollinate the flowers.

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    That made me smile saying to move further south, wud love warmer weather, no black centres i think, look healthy, only been growing them a couple of years, so this shud be the optimum year for them. I'll experiment with sum of the strawberries and cloches, thanks. Cambridge Favourite give off a load of runners, that I do know! I'll have to find more people who want some plants.

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