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Frost damaged oleander?


I have a Nerium oleander in a pot on my decking, it gets full sun for most of the day and last year it seemed very happy there. However, I've noticed it's not looking very healthy now - the leaves are sort of dull and patchy it and doesn't look like it's producing much in the way of flower buds.

After a bit of research I think it's probably frost damage as I left it out all winter - I live in Devon and it was fairly mild but we did have the odd few nights under zero s maybe I should of brought in indoors?.

Could anyone tell me how I can bring it back to health and flowering well again next year? Do they need much water, especially since it's potted? I'll try and remember to bring it inside this winter for a start!



  • Hello Rachael H,

    Oleanders, to use the common name, are Mediterranean shrubs so they are a little tender. You'll see them lining the roads if you go on holiday to Spain. They require frost-free conditions, but otherwise are tolerant of a wide range of soils, and handle dry conditions well. That's why they are planted by the roads! It's always the case that plants grown in pots need more attention when it comes to watering, than those grown in the soil, but oleanders are drought-tolerant, so your plant will still do well if kept on the dry side. They don't require much feeding, which again makes them a good roadside option. If foliage is damaged by frosts, the plant can put energy into producing new foliage rather than flowering. If you have space inside it's definitely worth bringing it in for the winter, but until then it should recover slowly over the next few months.

    Good luck,

    Emma team

  • I live in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire & bought 5 OIleandars last year.  I thought that they were safe to leave out over winter, however, have just looked at them and they have got brown leaves on them,.  Do you think I have lost them or should I leave them to see what happens?


    Maggie Neild

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