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Strange behaviour

Hello There

I have a issue with one of my patio plants. Since I moved to the house we have had two terracota pots and plants on out patio on each side of french door (south facing). One side of the door is shady but not too shady to get a plant lack of sunshine. We kept in these pots plants but whenever I planted any plant on shady side of the french door in the pot, the plant kept dying. We have currently there a little fir tree that has been there for three years. Slowly but surely the plant on this shady side started to dry out and now its just a rusty dry plant. The other fir tree on the other side planted at the same time as the otehr dying one,  is healthy and growing. I cannot explain this behaviour at all. Anything that gets planted in this pot, even the hardy plants on this side just dies ( not immediately but slowly). We are using our own compost for any planting so we know its organic and no pesticides. Can anyone explain this and perhaps advice what to plant in such spot?  Thank you


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 17,232

    I suppose that you are treating both of the pots in the same way - amount of water, feed and so on. I suppose that the pots are made in the same way - both glazed or not and of the same dimensions.

    That being so, I'd say have a good sniff at the problem pot and see if some creaturecould be  spraying urine on it. Failing that, tip the whole lot out and have a look at what might be in there - vine weevils or other nasties.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • Thanks for your reply pansyface

    The plants are treated the same way, the same amount of water, feed etc. Both pots are not glazed and there isnt a chance that the urine can be sprayed on it as they a little too high. I  will have look at the pot inside out checking for weevils and I will  give it a good clean out, but this is where my ideas will run out. image


  • lisa masseylisa massey Posts: 252

    Is there any vents near by? I nearly lost my tomatoes a few years back because they were in the path of fumes coming from my central heating boiler.

  • Is it possible that one pot - is contaminated with something ?  Just because you might have bought both at the same time, doesn't mean that one couldn't have got soaked in something noxious to plants .... 

    I hope you sort this out soon !! 

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  • There is a vent but the plant concerned  isnt too close to the vent. It maybe only when the wind picks up the fumes that they might blow to the direction of the plant but I have few more plants directly under the vent and they are not dying at all, its the opposite they look healthy. I try to get the pot a good spruce and start with anotehr plant again.

    Mike Allen thanks for your reply! I tried to swap the plantpots over ( just swapped the whole lots - plant and pot over) some time ago and nearly lost this one too (we used to have small bushy cordyline australis  'red star' in both before when I did the swap), luckily the healthy plant was strong enough and survived.

    So that leaves the possibility that there is something wrong with that spot? This is so peculiar!!! Or the pot? Oh dear, this is a mystery.

    I would like to keep some sort of plant by that door  as the patio is quite large and it looks so odd without the particular pot. The rest of the garden is quite natural so the patio formal appearance breaks up a little the overal look of the garden.

  • Can certainly try the mesh out, although I have not seen cat being there sleeping ( no hair left as trace etc). But the current plant is beyond saving so might need a plant that suits the shady patio place. If you all have any suggestions what plant to get, please advise. I would be very grateul as I am running out of ideas image



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