Mysterious yellow spots!


I am a beginner gardener and have grown some courgette plants from seed. I have just noticed that some of the older leaves have tiny bright yellow perfectly circular spots on them. The variety is Courgette 'Firenze' F1 Hybrid.





After researching lots of photos on the internet I thought instead of self diagnosing the problem it may be best to ask experienced gardeners before I do anything rash.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I would like to save these plants if I can, but I don't want to risk spreading disease to any of my other veggie plants.

*I have attached a couple photos of my plants to reference.




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    Hi Meredith image

    I don't think it's a problem - it's just a thing that some courgettes do.  I usually grow yellow courgettes as well as green ones and they have even more yellow blotches on their leaves. 

    In fact those look like lovely healthy plants - ready to plant out into a bed if you can give them frost protection,  or bigger pots so that you can move them into shelter if a frost is forecast.


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  • Thanks for the reply and advise Dovefromabove. I've planted them out and will see how they do. I was just a bit worried that it might have been a fungus or other disease. Looking forward to some yummy courgettes in a couple months!

  • They look pretty good other than your worry, so best to give them a chance. If you have space you could plant another as insurance?

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    Maybe the leaves are mimicking butterfly eggs?
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    It could be a mosaic virus usually spread by aphids but can be transferred after handling affected plants so wash your hands before handling other plants. It's always adviceable to use clean pots too when potting up plants.

    If you have any spare seeds sow some more as a  back up. If it is a mosaic virus the yield will be affected but courgettes are usually plorific fruit bearers so you may not notice.     

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    They look pretty healthy plants. 

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 2,932

    Mike - is there any reason why Meredith wouldn't continue to post, I'm some what mistified by your response !

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