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i planted out three courgette plants yesterday that where getting too big for there pots, ive grown the plants from seed, potted them up and have been recently leaving them out of a day and in of a night until yesterday when a few hours after planting they have wilted alot and become 'floopy' looking and weak and have not improved this morning.

each plant had been watred and fed, planted with compost and with slug protection. really not sure what to do as have always had good results with courgettes before. what should i do?  any help would be great, thanks


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    could be it is too cold for them.  mine have just gone from a windowsill to the greenhouse and will probably stay there for a few more weeks.

    not an expert, but from all other posts on this site, we need to keep an eye on what everyone else is doing at this time of year. i love that we can all learn from each other

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    Yes mine are still in the greenhouse - can you put a cloche over them?  That will give them some protection - if you got some big clear plastic bottles and cut the bottoms off and put them over each one - or are they too big for that?  If so, maybe some bubble wrap or fleece over them at night and taken off in the daytime?

    We had a frost yesterday morning here in Norfolk image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Mine are still in the greenhouse and will be for another few weeks I think!!!!!!!

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    I think it is still too cold

    I planted 4 seeds - 2 together under 2 cloches weeks ago and one is just starting to grow now

    The "spares" in pots in te greenhouse are doing fine and will not be planted until June.

  • Definitely too cold and wet (in Wales!). Same thing happened with my outdoor cucumber when the cloche blew off.

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    Ditto. Courgettes are very sensitive to cold and wet. Normally by the end of May we should be safe to plant out in a well drained sheltered bed but as everyone here says, this year, it's still too risky. A couple of inches down in the soil and you'll find it pretty cold and damp.

    I grow some in containers and aim to repot mine into these this weekend but house them in a corner of the GH for a couple of weeks.

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    my crougettes grow to big in the greenhouse , so I planted out 6 plants last week and they are doing fine , fingers cross the weather gets beeter soon. my greenhouse is full now ..

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    Another form of temporary cloche (which I'm using on my courgettes right now) is those clear plastic punnets that grapes, nectarines etc come in. Those can be placed over the plant, and secured with a stick or tent peg through the drainage hole.

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    thanks for all your comments and advice but i have sown some more as i gave up on the last ones! fingers crossed these ones will survive i will take on all of your comments with these plants, thanks again

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