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Potential disaster - vole appearance!

andrea Landrea L Posts: 10

Having spent the last few weeks building, digging, planting and nurturing a new semi-herbaceous border I think I have a vole in the middle of the bed.  Initially I thought it was a rat - and bought some rat bait, but it's too cute for a rat and now I think it's a vole.  What can I do?  The last thing I need is the roots of all my new plants being eaten......  any advice appreciated


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,852

    Oh dear. Are you against poison for voles? I have moles in my big border. Have caught some with traps but they never go. They make tunnels under plants. Then the plants get too dry and die.

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  • andrea Landrea L Posts: 10

    can you get poison for voles?  would rat poison work?  Is anything more humane that is reliable?


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