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i planted three courgette plants yesterday that i have grown from seed potted up and have been leaving them out in the day and bringing them in of a night. a few hours after planting them in my veg  patch they started to wilt badly and look 'floopy' im not sure they will survive. they have been watered and fed and have slug protection around each plant.

whats wrong with them and whatr should i do?

any help would be great, thanks 


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    I think it is most likely something to do with the very low temperatures we've been having recently. Even though you have started to harden them off, maybe the soil hasn't really warmed up. I guess your options are: 1- put some sort of protection over them (eg cloches) and see if they pick up - you can take these off during the day, but pop them back on at night until we get some warmer weather. 2) Repot them - but I fear that might be too stressful for them 3) hope they will recover independently. I've had cloches over the spaces where I'm planning to plant out my courgettes for about 6 weeks now, and when I eventually plant them out, will continue to protect them as in 1).
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    Thanks for your help ive had to give up on two of the plants and placed a 2ltr coke bottle over them as a hand made cloche hopefully fingers crossed they will perk up a bit however the three runner bean plants i planted aswell where healthy but have started to go down the same path! very annoying!

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    All points to it being too cold I think. Not too late to sow some more though...
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