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Donate for us 1940's garden?



  • Any seeds and plants you can grow in the 1940's

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Hi Michael. I've been having a think about this - the 1940s society interests me greatly and its something I have studied for many years. So that I can best help you I need a little more information I think.

    Do you know what the soil is like there? We don't want to be sending you plants if they wont thrive. Is the garden quite sheltered? Does it get plenty of light?

    The 1940s is very well known for its "Dig For Victory" and families were converted to turn their gardens into allotments to get as many vegetables grown as possible. I'm assuming that you'll be focussing more on the growing vegetables than "pretty" flowers that are nutritionally useless for the people are the time if you want to be true to the 1940s or are you less worried about this and more interested in a larger variety?

    So its important for me to know - how long are you doing this 1940s garden? Is it just for one year? (In which case its possibly too late to send you some surplus tomato seeds but if you're doing it for two or three or even longer years we could send you seeds like tomatoes for use next year).

    Popular vegetables people were encouraged to grow in the 1940s Dig For Victory Campaign (from the top of my head - my history notes are at home)

    Potatoes / Tomatoes / Kale

    Cabbage / Carrots / Onions

    Broad beans / runner beans / peas

    Parsnips / Brussels Sprouts / Broccoli


    (Not to mention the rabbits, chickens, and the communal pig they'd have had to get around meat rationing!)

    I will have to wait until I get home to look at which haven't been planted yet that I could send to you (I know for instance my potatoes are already in the ground, and my tomatoes growing happily).

    I have remembered that a couple turned their garden into a 1940s garden last year (they're in North Yorkshire). Their blog is here:

    Perhaps it is worth you contacting them for advice on what to grow? They might even have some seeds they could send you.

  • It not ready and the garden will be done on the last day of may. We think will not be ready in may and just sent stuff in the summer holidays.

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Okay Michael that's very useful thank you for that.

    Have you spoken to the people organising the 18th century garden in Sheffield (Furnace Park)? I am sure I remember them talking about wanting to grow lots of plants this year - perhaps they will have some surplus you could have.

    I have a brain injury so my memory isn't very good - it would be really helpful if you could post here again in June when you're ready to accept plants!

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