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return of the Beris

GavinGavin Posts: 27

Last year I moved house. In the front garden was a rather unprepossessing berberis.

It was a vicious, sprawling thing of no merit whatever so I cut it down. It's roots were too tough to saw through all of them so I left some of it behind and planted a beautiful mahonia in its place which is doing very nicely and is planted round with bluebells and lily of the valley.

Yesterday I was horrified to see new shoots of the berberis coming through the soil.

What can I do prevent further growth?


  • GavinGavin Posts: 27


    Thank you. I'll do that. The only thing that does seem to go on forever is bind weed.

  • GavinGavin Posts: 27

    What I've been doing with the bindweed is training it up stakes (old twigs or canes) away from plants I do want, and then I am slathering weedkiller on to it. I've yet to see any result but my hope is that the weed killer does do as it says on the tin and kills the roots because despite digging up a great deal of the root only a tiny bit needs to remain for the wretched stuff to get going again. 

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