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Hi I have just inherited some patio roses - in pots (the pots had alot of weeds in which I have now taken out and repotted the rose in some good compost).  I have never had roses before so slightly unsure how or when to trim them!  The have a lot of dead wood on them but new growth has started on the ends of the dead wood....should I leave them to grow in their current state or cut them right back - will they start new growth???

Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Roses are pruned in spring, Feb-March, and even then they're not usually cut right back. If you prune them now, you'll lose all the flowers. Your best bet is probably to let them flower, but when dead heading cut the branches back to an outward facing bud about 6" from the ground.

    That will encourage them to shoot from near ground level, and in future you'll be able to prune more lightly to maintain a good shape.

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Emma, what Alina says is correct but there are always "buts", You have re potted the roses so you could trim them back about a third to take some of the stress off the plant and encourage new growth. Take the cut just above an outgrowing bud, they will spring into life almost instantly.
    Cut out any dead wood and any ingrowing branches so you get a rounded plant, you will get flowers although not as many as an established rose, we gardeners always plan for next year so no problem.
    Check your pots on a regular basis for water not too wet and never dry out, give them a mulch in a few weeks time if ever we get a summer they dry out quickly.
    They do like a sunny position though will stand semi shade, I have a couple that get afternoon and evening sun and it seems to suit them.
    If you make a mistake pruning and we have all done that then you have next year to look forward too, mistakes repair themselves in time.


  • Hi, excellent thank you for your help! my first couple of rose bushes so all new to me!


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