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Talkback: Rose pot display

poco triste no? bit gloomy the purple heuchera and violas under our dull skies now? I'd underplant a white rose with a variegated vinca and white winter pansies. Glow in the twilight. Purple just disappears. Or it would look good with good with RED roses. But in the halflight white roses are magical with other white flowers.


  • I plan to grow Rosa Compassion on the 4 metre wide south-westerly house wall in a large container. I shall also have a choice of planting in other containsrs next to it, two or more of the following:- clematis Marie Boissellot, c. tangutica, c. Alpina Pink Flamingo and Jasminium Officianale.

    1. Which would you plant?

    2. What size containers would be adequate?
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