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Growing garlic

I want to grow some garlic this year. I've recently cleared out my veg garden, got rid of the various veggies I'd had growing, and have dug the soil over. But, could someone please give me some tips on how best to prepare the soil for planting garlic and anything else I need to know?

I'd also like recommendations on which varieties to try...

thank you!



  • I got some from a garden center,dont know the variety sorry.To prep the soil i got some 3 for £10 bags of compost from asda of all places and put it in 1mx1m wooden framed raised beds. simply crumbled in the compost to break it up a bit and put in the cloves pointy bit up and about 6inchs between them.Then covered them all over with just over an inch of more compost.All of them came up and produced wonderfull garlics.


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