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Osteospermum Cuttings?

CatieCatie Posts: 50
Hello image I've bought two beautiful Osteospermum plants for my Grandad's grave. But before I put them on his grave and the rabbit feast on them, I'd like to take a few cuttings. How would I go about it? I'm confused as to where to make the cut as it seems a lot, if not all of the new shoots seems to have flowers or buds on them and I was told not to take cuttings from shoots which have flowers/buds? Any help would be much appreciated image Cate


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,633

    Remove the buds with your finger and thumb, and take the cutting as normal.

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  • havadayoffhavadayoff Posts: 68

    I took flowering cuttings off my osteospermums earlier last month I just took any flowers and buds off and they have rooted fine.

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