soil types acceptable to lavander

I am living on the island of sanday now and would like to plant a border of lavander outside the front of my croft. However because the location is a very sandy soil and is prone to the wind and sea spray from the nearby beach am concerned that these conditions will not let the lavander grow. Would I be wasting my time or does it stand a chance ?.


  • PS have read and others but none talk about the salty conditions of the sand or the wind.

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    I think you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Growing lavenders in these conditions will just give you poor quality plants which seems a shame when there are plants that would be ideal. If you really want lavenders they would need to be grown behind a hedge to give them a chance to establish.

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    It would be best to grow plants that are suited to your conditions rather than trying to fit plants in that might not do well, there are plenty of sea air loving beautiful plants out there. Up there in Sanday though you're going to have to look at the particularly hardy types.

    Having a walk round and seeing what's already doing well on the island might be an idea.

  • What if I grew them in pots and transplanted them when good and strong 

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    Can you grow them in pots away from the salt ? Can you provide them with some protection in the ground. Any thing is possible, if you are willing to put the effort in and you do not mind the time and cost if it is disappointing. 

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