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Talkback: How to grow winter onions

I was very interested in the video regarding growing Japanese onions. I now live in Czech Republic where the winters are much colder than in England, -17c to -24c. I will give the onions a go and let you know if they come through unscathed. Thank you so much for the gardeners world each week there is nothing to compare with it in this country. Just a shame I cannot watch on iplayer. Linda Plastow Navrsi Czech Republic.


  • very interesting video, will be planting sets this weekend!
  • Typical, planted my onions as per video and watered them in, Had a visit over the weekend to look at the progress and the moles has decided to make about 15 molehills over the plot. WHY was this, was it because the soil was loosened that attracted the little blighters.....????
  • 2nd year on the allotment planted winter onions as per video hopefully more success than last year.
  • Planted my onion sets about three weeks ago and they have justed started to come through, along with the garlic and broad beans. Its good to see new crops coming through.

  • Or, pick them, chop, sautée, and into the freezer. I use those plastic rectangular pots that take-away curried come in. Once frozen, they come out (like giant ice cubes) and pack very efficiently in a freezer. Their volume reduces by about half when sautéed. So, useful just to put in as the base of many casserole type dishes.
  • A second thought. We have a proper nursery (Dundry twixt Cheltenham and Gloucester) near here. I bought three different onion setts (Electric, Radar, and Shenshyu) for about £9 in brown paper bags and that was about 500 onions. As someone said, you do the maths.
  • Planted my 75 "Electric" today image

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