Onion sets

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Hi all BH and looks like it may be good gardening weather !!!!!fingers crossed.

Is it too late to plant onion sets?


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    Hope not - I planted mine last wed.  Never done onions . . . . or veg for that matter.   Sorry this reply no help to you but lets hope someone tells us its OK image

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    They should be fine, traditionally they go into open ground in early April but the soil has now warmed up so they should get away quicker. They may not grow as large as earlier planted crops but they will be fine for the kitchen.

  • Certainly not too late to plant onion sets, in fact it may be worth bearing in mind that the biggest single cause of onions failing by bolting (going to seed) is planting them in cold soil.


  • http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c186/DavidKnapper/P8160009.jpg



     Around 1lb each.

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    Thery're beauties David, I'm sure you're very pleased with them.  I pulled all mine out a few weeks ago because the weren't doing anything and when I did a lot had mould.  Will give them a go again next year. image

  • Thanks, Lorraine.....far below their potential though.

    Being sweet & mild, they do make excellent eating. image

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    David what variety are they?   atb DD

  • derbyduck wrote (see)

    David what variety are they?   atb DD


    Well there lies the problem, DD.....they are Mammoth onions and consequently about a quarter the size they should be.

    I'm not too disappointed though as I picked them up very cheap (£1 a tray) as end of season, tiny plants.

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