Broad bean problem

I planted a tray of dwarf broad beans in a huge tub and the plants are literally packed with flowers. But now the flowers seem to be turning black too early and dying but there's no signs of any pests although I have given them a good spray. Advice very welcome as I have only grown them once before but I don't remember this happening The dodgy one are at the bottom of the picture...




  • Mark 499Mark 499 Posts: 379

    The flowers will die as the little bean pod forms at the base of the flower

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,929

    They do die from the bottom up, as Mark says when they are ready to make little pods. Yours are way in advance of mine.

  • Really appreciate the replies - thanks guys image

  • Bf206Bf206 Posts: 235

    Mine look exactly the same - just waiting for some pods to appear! Then I'll pinch out the tops to try and ward off blackfly...

  • Mairi GMairi G Posts: 1

    my four year old daughter recently brought some beans home from school...when they started to grow, we transferred them into a pot and they seemed to be doing well...then, I noticed that there were little black things inside the folds and leaves...we went to the garden centre and they told us that it was plant louse...I sprayed them with an organic treatment and there seemed to be an improvement in one of the plants...Went to re-spray again today and there are now flowers on the plant and they have black marks on them...What should I do now? One of the plants is still quite badly affected...

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