Japanese Maple lost shade

Hello, we have a Green Mist Japanese Maple that is well established (15  years).   This year the leaves have almost all turned brown.  I suspect this is because it's primary source of afternoon shade (a large white oak) died and was removed last fall.   Is it possible, if i set up some large umbrellas for shade to save the tree?  There are other trees that will provide shade if I can get it through this year.  Thanks for your help.


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    Yes. Anything that prohibits sunlight will effectively provide shade image and allow the maple to put on some new growth. I would feed it to help that process along image

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    Might seem like a silly question, but.....What's the weather been like in your area? Wet, dry, cold, windy etc etc

    They are a few possibilities which may have caused this damage ;-

    Blasts of extended cold wind can burn delicate leaves like this - this happens to my mams inherited maple as its in the wrong place in the garden - maples hate windy weather.


    Hot sun and not enough water to hydrate delicate leaves - this happened to one of my maples last year. lol The leaves looked like yours and never recovered during the season, but I'm happy to say it looks fab this year.

    If its not the sun and the ground/pot is wet, it must be caused by the wind. Provide some strong shelter, umbrella's may not be strong enough long term.

    Don't worry about the leaves, it will recover, so long as you protect the main tree.

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    We had above temps in March.  Everything bloomed early but Apirl and May so far have been mild to normal.  It is in the ground.   When you say "protect the main tree" what specifically do you mean.  Thanks.

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