From the following, I would really appreciate it if you can all take one second to review and choose what you think is the most professional/best group name for our new gardening society in Shropshire. This is a group that will involve aged right down to as young as teenagers to the elderly. Royal Shropshire Gardening Society Shropshire Gardening Society Royal Society for Shropshire Gardening Royal Shropshire Horticultural Society Shropshire Horticulture Society Please feel free to pass this forum onto friends and ask for them to pick their opinion.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,819

    Why is the word Royal included in so many of the possible names?  It's hard to choose a name unless one knows the relevance.


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  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 6,092

     If your Garden Society is going to be inclusive ( which is what you infer by saying from youngsters to elderly ) I am wondering why you would wish to particularly include the word Royal ?

    Depends what your aims and aspirations are...........The Shropshire Growers sounds far more meaningful and down to earth...........might stand out a bit more from the ubiquitous    ".....?.......Garden Society".

    Just a thought image

  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 6,092 just got in seconds before meimage

  • It was just an idea we drafted thought as we used it a few times we thought it would be best to at least draft the idea. But thank you for your feedback.
  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    If you are officially entitled to use 'Royal' then I guess you have to use it.image Are you legally/officially a 'society'? If you don't have to be so formal/old fashioned, I would just say 'Gardening for Everyone in Shropshire'image

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge Posts: 2,397

    Can we vote if we're not from Shropshire?

    I like Shropshire Gardening Society.


  • Thank you Phillippa and Dove, very constructive and useful feedback. Maybe a re-think is in order.
  • Yes Victoria thank you.
  • artjak... I shall look into this personally as I'm not sure you need to e within rights to use the title "society" or "royal" as I said above these are drafts by the founding group memenbers and not chosen yet we woul like to bring an open group of gardeners of all ages to Shropshire where we really make a difference by reaching out to those who a keep to become "green fingered" but are either not sure where to start or are unsure/scared to start. Also we intend to start visiting regional/national gardening events and then after a while start our own little events we would also offer our volunteering services to the local council, community and get involved with local activities within our interests. We want to represent Shropshire of course, look professional but welcoming to all. If you have any ideas other than the above please feel free to post.
  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 202

    I agree with Victoria image.... Shropshire Gardening Society

  • That is my personal favourite thank you Kay
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,054

    If you want to be inclusive leave out Royal and Society whether you have the right to them or not. You won't bring the youngsters in words like thatimage

    You mention the term green fingered. How about including that? It sounds more alive.

    Shropshire Green Fingersimage


  • That's does sound appealing to the youth as I'm sure whatever name we choose we shouldn't have trouble attracting adults thank you nutcutlet
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,054

    You're right Connor, us oldies will always turn up for a garden group whatever it's called.

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  • Of course I think fun, creative, bold but professional
  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,892

    Don't get me wrong I'm all for a bit of Royal despite my young age and short attention span, but unless the Royals are actively involved I can't see the point in including them in your title other than sounding a bit old fashioned and truth be told pompous. If you're trying to tie yourself so you look part of the likes of the RHS you're going to fall right on your arse.

    It doesn't add anything to the organisation other than making your web address longer.

    The SGS sounds a safe bet to me!

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge Posts: 2,397

    How about 'club' then?


  • SupernoodleSupernoodle Posts: 948

    Shropshire Locals Up for Gardening or SLUG for short....



  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Noodleimage!  I agree you can't use 'royal' unless you have a member of the royal family who has agreed to be a patron.  I think you should come up with something catchy though - the suggested titles are a bit formal and forgettable.  But I suppose they do what it says on the tin.

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICTPosts: 10,263

    There used to be a group in Edinburgh called The Puggled Muckers. I always thought that it summed it up nicely.

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