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Cotoneaster spiders

We have a cotoneaster which has been infested by little spiders. The webs seem to be causing the leaves to turn brown and die off - presuming the light can't get through as areas of the plant which don't have webs on are fine. So far I've been brushing the webs off regularly and the leaves have been coming back green but wondered if there was a less time consuming answer? Don't want to use an insecticide as we're keen to encourage the bees, which love the plant, into the garden.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    The webs may be from moth caterpillars - they are very well camouflaged, which is why you won't have seen them. They will eventually kill the parts of the shrub that they keep festooning with webs.

    There's no organic control, I'm afraid - only an insecticide such as Provado Ultimate Bug Killer will get rid of them. As long as the plant isn't flowering for six weeks afterwards, it won't affect bees.

  • BikeryDaveBikeryDave Posts: 2

    Ah, not thought of caterpillars. It's already flowering and attracting a lot of bees so I may just have to keep brushing (and ignoring my neighbours funny looks!) until the autumn. Thanks.

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