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I been watching that awful advert for a certain cleaner boasting to save you money every month .The way to save money is to use something you have in the garden.Rosemarie for example is a lovely disinfectant and you can use it as a air freshener( or lavender )or as a potpourri.Making the disinfect to wash down the bath for example is to collect the leaves with the stalks put in  a bowel and cover with boiling water ,let it cool down take out the leaves and use.I have also when finished cooking and turned the oven off is to put a few leaves in and you will smell the freshness and lovely scent.image


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It's so lovely to see you using the spelling of Rosemarie for the beautifully scented herb, usually spelled Rosemary - I like it as it is my name and the way I spell it.  I agree with you regarding cleaning agents, the use of herbs not only smells good, but many of them are as you say, disinfectant and antimicrobial.  Rosemarie is one as is mint, especially the deeper green ones such as black perppermint.  Of course pine needles are good too, which is why so many 'disinfectants' are artificially perfumed with it.  A long soak of the needles, strain the fluid and use for floors, surfaces etc., and bathrooms benefit from it too.  If people do not wish to use fresh herbs, or do not have access to them,  maybe at least use decently sourced, earth friendly cleaning items  without all the articial stuff in them - saving  some of  what is left of the planet. 

  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    Thanks for those lovely ideas - please post any more you haveimage  Have used lavender but never thought of using rosemary.

  • When I pruned the flowers of my sage bush and lavenders I put all the cut flowers in an open box under the bed of our spare room. It helped to keep the room smelling lovely, rather than shut up and stale.

  • Now that it is the season of clementines, I dry the peel and put them in rooms to release the fresh citrus oil. If I am feeling flush I add  cloves too. I also make a dried mixture of herbs which I dry by hanging sprigs of them in the garage. GH and washroom. I collect and dry rose petals in the sun  and sprinkle rose water on them to perfume drawers etc. I dry bunches of lavender and put them in wadrobes to deter moths.They are particularly useful in the winter as fresh air is in short supply through open windows and I am  not using chemicals.

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    I mix drops of rosemary oil with water and lightly spray wooden and laminate floors before wiping; it leaves a lovely scent. I shall certainly try an infusion of rosemary leaves.

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