Wot do i do with the big leaves on my streps when the flowers dye off ready for winter storeage


  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,032

    I leave mine alone over the winter months, just removing any dying flowers, leaves or mouldy ones. I also water less often, barely 1x week from when they stop producing flowers. However mine are in a porch, so not in a heated house. If they were then they would need more watering.

    It's probably a bit late in the yr to try & propagate from the big leaves. If the leaf is really big & getting in the way then you could just remove it, or cut off some of it, wouldnt harm things I'd have thought. J.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    I keep mine in the cool greenhouse overwinter.  Don't forget that you can make lots of new plants with the big leaves, each leaf cut across into slices, and planted in gritty compost (the right way up, I lost alot doing them the wrong way!), will give you new plants to either keep or give away, all for free. 

  • Susy BSusy B Posts: 29

    I cut off all dead flowers and leaves also any very large leaves to make the plants manageable, then water sparingly, just enough to keep them ticking over. They are kept in an unheated conservatory all year round. Come spring I re-pot them splitting large clumps up, also I use leaves for cuttings by cutting out the central rib and placing cut edges into the compost, generally new plants form from the veins. Hope this doesn't sound too complicated. Good luck Maurice  image

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