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I THINK I have a Peace Lily - how on Earth do I make it happy?

Hi all,

New user here so please go easy on me!

At work, I inherited what I believe is a Peace Lily. It's been owned by many and I don't want to be the one to kill it!

I have just attempted to re-pot it, during which part of it broke off so I put that back in the old small pot with some compost, and put the main plant in a new large terracotta pot again with new compost.

Question is, what do I do now? Could someone offer me some guidance? It lives in my office on a sideboard away from the window (though right now it's at home).

I have had to prop it up with a stick as it kept falling over (doesn't sound good I know)

Thanks to anyone with any advice!



  • yes ,well.I have one that I keep in the back room out of direct light and although it likes to be moist you must not over water.misting is benifical and feed only in summer .In winter decrease watering but keep misting.if I find a photo Ill show youand another thing dont let it sit in water.image

  • DuckyDucky Posts: 5

    Hi there,

    I think you might actually have an Aspidistra. I'm not an expert, but to me the leaf stems look quite long for a Peace Lilly. Aspidistras are more leggy, however. Try a google image search and see what you think? image


  • Thanks Rose & Ducky!

    Haha well that's thrown me into confusion! I've looked at both plants on google and I'm darned if I know which one I have image

  • DuckyDucky Posts: 5

    Oh no! Haha sorry about that. At least if it's an Aspidistra it can cope with neglect very well. And I guess both plants like fairly similar treatment in general, such as being kept out of direct sunlight, and not over-watering. Well, the Peace Lily likes lots of water, but also to be left to dry out between watering. The main difference could be humidty, because ideally Peace Lilies like humidity and to be misted - not sure if Aspidistras would appreciate it so much? I am sure a Peace Lily would get by without misting though.

    Not sure if I can make any suggestions about it being propped up or anything like that! I think you propagate both plants by splitting them up (which you would usually do in spring) so I wouldn't worry about breaking a part of it off too much...maybe you will just end up with a back-up plant! image 

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Actually, I think it IS a Peace Lily.  Keep it in good light but do not allow sunlight to fall on the leaves or they will be burnt.  They like a damp atmosphere so a bathroom can be ideal.  

  • Thanks for all the info and advice guys. It's kind of our little office plant so I will have to mist him every now and then I guess! I will also keep him away from the window. And his little baby in his old pot!

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    Hello Martinimage - your plant is a Peace Lily - the foliage looks lovely and healthyimage The only thing I am worried about is the size of the pot you have put it in - you say it was in a small pot before. I would have just gone up one size at a time.Be careful with the watering over winter but it will enjoy being misted over occasionally- it is a good plant to have in an office as it is supposed to absorb nasties from the air image

    Here is a link - scroll down to SPATHYPHILLUM image

    Pam LL x 

  • image

    there is a white flower tothe right ,ignore red plastic things,not many flowers now and not a good photo,but this be what you a Sathiphyllum .

  • Hey thanks Pam and Rose, least I know for sure now! And yay that it looks healthy in the foliage department!

    I will indeed get a little misting spray thing... and fingers crossed he will survive!

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